Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, Alaska

1997 Shows and Events

January 8

February 4 and 5
Black Holes
Everything you always wanted to know about black holes but didn't know enough quantum
physics and theoretical math to understand.

March 4 and 5
Internet Astronomy

April 1 and 2
April Fool's Day Program:  Facts and Fiction

November 4
Nutty Professor Night

December 3
Seeing through binoculars, books and telescopes (2 shows)

December 22
Stars, Comets and More: A special winter break class for grades K-5. Held at Harborview computer lab, and Marie Drake Planetarium. Star ID, galaxy viewing, and legends about the stars. Sponsored by community schools, taught by Pam Wells-Peters and Jacqueline Fowler.Juneau Astronomy Club telescope viewing/workshop held on some Monday evenings