Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, Alaska

2006 Shows and Events

January 2 and 3
The Red Aurora

February 7 and 8
Back to the Moon

Feb. 14th
Romance Under the Stars. Music provided.

March 7

April 2
Everything About the Sun

April 22
Earth Day at the Planetarium (4 shows)
Dancing Under the Stars with the Daughters of the New Moon, Navigate with the Stars (or how to get back home if your GPS fails), The Comet with Two Tails, The Stars that Never Set.

May 2
Constellations of the Zodiac

June 6 and 7
Star Wars

Participate in July 4th parade - Theme:  The Solar System

August 1 and 2

October 3 and 4
The New Planets: Learn why we now have eight planets. The definition of planet has changed.

November 8
Transit of Mercury

December 5
Finding North