Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, Alaska

2007 Shows and Events

January 2
Gas Giants
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are known as the gas planets because they are large spinning bodies of gases with no solid surfaces.
January 13
Yoga Under the Stars

February 7

February 14th
Romance Under the Stars
Enjoy Valentine's Day with the stars. LIVE music by Geroge Wallace. Bring your sweetheart, pillow and a blanket and watch the stars slowly pass by on our 30 foot dome. A romantic way to pass the evening. Select a star and name if after your special someone by certifying it with the Marie Drake Planetarium registry.

March 4
Northern Lights of Juneau - photos by Juneau photographer Joe McCabe

April 4
Lunar Eclipse

April 7
Wallace and Grommit Movie - "A Grand Day Out"
Isn't the Moon made out of cheese? Wallace and Grommit decide to visit the Moon to get some yummy cheese.

April 22
Rainy Day Stars

May 2
Equinox ... Solstice ... Seasons ...

June 23, July 14 and August 11
Summer Movies for Children under the dome

July 4
Participate in the July 4th Parade
Theme:  Plight of
of the Plutonians' - This was a funny response to Pluto's new status as a dwarf planet.
August 28th
Lunar Eclipse in Juneau !!!
Around midnight, Juneau will be in an excellent location to view an actual TOTAL eclipse of the MOON UMBRA starts at 00:52. TOTALITY starts at 01:52. Volunteers had session at the Mendenhall Visitor Center. If you have telescopes, binoculars, cameras with special long distance scopes for photos , this is your opportunity to have some fun.

September 25

October 7 and 8
What about our Solar System

October 30
Internet Astronomy

November 4 and 5
Nutty Professor Night

December 2 and 3
Seeing Through Binoculars, Books and Telescopes

December 22
Yoga Under the Stars with Cynthia Pring-Ham