2009 Shows and Events

January 27
Life on Mars

February 24
1,000 Moons

April 28
The Four Seasons

May 26
The Day the Sun Vanished - a total solar eclipse

October 2

Event held at the Alaska State Museum (5-7 pm). 'Our Place Among the Planet: Extraterrestrial Geography' presentation led by Dolly & John Kremers, planetarium volunteers.  This will be the first time the museum's 3-dimensional Science on a Sphere exhibit has been used to feature extra-terrestrial geography since its installation this past spring. The Sphere will also play a sampling of the 300 available images and animations about Earth's ecology and geology.

October 27
How to Find a Star

November 24
Bombing the Moon

December 29
The Christmas Star
Theories about the Christmas star. Was it a conjunction of planets? A supernova? A comet?

Upcoming Free Events

Tuesday, Aug 29 at 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM