Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, Alaska

2011 Shows and Events


Planetarium included in Community Schools Express newsletter.

Planetarium website linked to Juneau School District website. Website hosted by a volunteer.

January 12
Class presentation (25)

January 24
Class presentation - 3rd graders (25)

January 25
The Planets (80)
The 'Stars Tonight' followed by presentation on 'The Planets". All ages show.

January 26
The Planets (80)
Talk by Juneau Symphony conductor Kyle Wiley Pickett on Holst's The Planets. Learn about the music, mythology, astronomy and pop culture associated with Gustav Holsts' most famous work. This will be followed by 'The Stars Tonight' and a presentation on 'The Planets'. The Juneau Symphony performing The Planets this weekend.

January 27
Class presentation - 3rd grade from Auke Bay (30)

January 28
Class presentation - 1st grade and K from Harborview & Principal JDHS (30)

Volunteer calibrates telescope at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center by request of the Director Ron Marvin.
February 4
Presentation to Young Parent Healthy Teen Center (Zach Gordon) with art (15).

February 8
Yoga Under the Stars (21)
Led by Cynthia Pring-Ham. Participants will be guided through a yoga practice that provides an
experiential way to welcome the resonating space within each of us and observe the connectivity
between the breath, body, and mind that brings us health and happiness.

February 14
Romance Under the Stars (15)
Listen to recorded music. Bring a blanket and your loved one(s) and enjoy relaxing under the stars. Free Hershey's Kisses.

February 15
Aphrodite and Venus (15)
Greek Mythology presentation by Ken Fix.

February 18
Class presentation. 3rd and 4th grades (48)

February 20
Presentation to Girl Scout Troop (20)

February 22
Astronomy Humor (15)
Astronomy as you have never seen it before by Cristina Della Rosa.
'The Stars Tonight' will also be presented.

March 12
Presentation to Boy Scouts (30)

March 15
Yoga Under the Stars (11)

March 18
Class presentation - 4th and 5th graders (48)

March 26
Ares and Mars
Mythology and Astronomy presentation by Ken Fix (70)

April 12
Yoga Under the Stars (7)

April 19
Zeus and Jupiter (35)
Mythology and Astronomy presentation by Ken Fix.

Tuesday, April 26
Alaska From Orbit Movie (22)
50 Minutes. World premiere Michael Bott, the creator of 'Celestial Superfly', will show his new film
'Alaska From Orbit.' World premiere.Travel from Alaska to the edge of the universe and back. Includes awesome shuttle launch, majestical celestial objects, and transcendental music. 50 minute film.

Astronomy Poetry Contest to celebrate National Poetry Month.
15 entries (11 children, 4 adults)

May 7
Planet Walk at Twin Lakes (20)
In celebration of National Astronomy Day

May 17
Yoga Under the Stars (7)

May 21
Community Day on campus (50)

May 31
Helios and the Aurora - astronomy and mythology presentation (7)

Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium (FOMDP) non-profit formed - a 501(c)(3).
Purpose is to promote astronomy education in Juneau including promoting, using and upgrading the Marie Drake Planetarium. The board's primary goal is to raise funds for purchase of a new projector.

June 7
Cub Scout presentation on constellations (60)

June 26
Retro Sci Fi Movie -  (15)

July 4th parade
8 volunteers (7 adults and one child) walked in the parade holding the planetarium banner and signs honoring the space shuttle missions: Atlantis, Endeavour, Columbia, Challenger and Discovery. 300 planetarium postcards given to the crowd. Volunteers wore astronomy related t-shits. Candy also given away. A sunny and successful day.

Retro-Sci Fi Movie: 'Them' (15)

August 30th
Retro Sci-Fi Movie: 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' (15)

September 3rd
Birthday Party (30)

September 27
History of Astronomy presentation (50)

October 8
Observe the Moon Night (telescope, binoculars and spotting scope) followed by Astronomy Humor (12) No visibility, so pubic invited inside and given presentation: Life without the Moon.

October 17
Constellations presentation for Gold Creek Child Development Center (25)

October 25
Cronus and Saturn - astronomy and mythology presentation (55)

Helios and the Aurora - astronomy and mythology repeat presentation (32)

November 29
Ouranos and Uranus - astronomy and mythology presentation (28)

November 30th
Planetarium Show for Kids (74)

December 13
Moon: Facts and Folly (8)

December 13
Meeting with Juneau School Superintendent

December 27
Calendars and Their History (18)