Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, Alaska

2017 Shows and Events

Art of the Aurora

Great American Total Solar Eclipses 

Presentation by visiting astronomer Dennnis Mammana

The Big Dipper:  A Celestial Icon

Presentaton by visiting astonmer Dennis Mammana

Night Sky Photography Workshop

All day fee class by Dennis Mammana

The Northern Lights

Exoplanets - Finding Another Earth

Total Solar Eclipses

Astronaut Humor

July 29 (49)

Cassini - The Best Spacecraft Yet

Last Chance - Pre Solar-Eclipse 

August 15 (55)

CBJ Day of Play

Fun With NASA @ My Library

School Group Presentations

Harbor view second graders (65)

Community Group Presentations

Cub Scouts 

July 14 (20)

Aurora presentation to whale watching group.

Solar Eclipse Humor 

Black Hole Sun - Total Solar Eclipse Report