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Gravitational Waves

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Tuesday January 16, 2018 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

posted by Cristina della rosa

Join us for a free presentation.

The Stars Tonight will be shown using our spitz projector. See how the night sky over Juneau would appear if it was clear.

Then there will be a powerpoint presentation Steve Kocsis. Talk aimed for adults but anyone may attend.

'Gravitational Waves' - Predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity in 1916 but, not observed until 2015, gravitational waves are created by extremely dense objects - like neutron stars and black holes - orbiting in pairs. The dynamics of these objects distorts space-time, creating ripples that can be detected with sensitive instruments. Three American scientists received the 2017 Nobel prize in Physics for their roles in the discovery.

Questions? Call Steve at 500-2941.