Get Involved

We are looking for volunteers to help with education presentation on a broad range of astronomy subjects. Our presentations reflect the knowledge and interests of volunteers.

A show typically involves a starball presentation followed by a powerpoint lecture. Presenters often include music, video or access the internet.

You don't have to use powerpoint. You can deliver a traditional lecture with lots of Q&A or have a hands on science or art project or show a movie.

Topics Ideas

  • celestial navigation
  • astronomy legends and stories from various cultural perspectives
  • A famous astronomer or astronomical event, history of astronomy.
  • NASA and private space mission

We can teach you to use the starball to show the night sky and explain features such as constellations.

We mostly need people who have the knowledge and interest to share their love of astronomy to students from Kindergarten to high school , especially children in younger grades.

You can plan an all ages show or choose to reach children within an age range or just adults. Anyone can come to any presentation, but the target audience it up to the presenter.

We also have a need to people to organize hand on science and/or art projects instead of or in addition to traditional lecture format. We have art supplies.

We have lots of books for reading projects K-12 grade or for you to research a topic.

We welcome creative ways to use the planetarium - see examples below

  • Yoga or Chanting Under the Stars
  • Astronomy Poetry readings
  • Music under the stars
  • Mudroom style astronomy stories.
  • Science fiction and astronomy movies.

Qualities Needed in Volunteers

We need volunteers who will encourage questions from audiences and are comfortable with audiences who differ in age and their astronomical and scientific knowledge.

We need volunteers who has passion for astronomy.and knowledge of  a subject they wish to share.

If volunteers want to use starball, they must be trained by another volunteer and handle the equipment carefully.

Ability to community to a planetarium board what they want to teach.

Publicity ideas and willingness to be interviewed on KTOO's radio show Juneau Afternoon is appreciated.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Aug 29 at 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM