Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, Alaska

Grants, Cash Donations and Fundraising

  • The Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium is a non-profit It is a 501(c)(3). Donations are always welcome.To donate call John Kremers, Treasurer at 723-9012 or email  [email protected] Paypal donation button coming soon.
  • The planetarium events are almost always free. Admission is charged only at fundraising events or if a stipend is paid to an out of town presenter. 
  • There is a donation box at each presentation, but contributions average approximately$25 per show.
  • The physical planetarium and its upkeep are paid for by the Juneau School District who also use the space for other educational purposes. The school district does not provide funding for planetarium. The planetarium is run entirely by volunteers since 1990.

2016 to 2017

2017 - $256 donation from Montesorri bake sale.

2016 - $200 raised at a garage sale

2011 to 2015

2015 - Received $500 grant from American Seafoods Company

2012 - $500 donation from Juneau Lions Club

2012 - $500 cash grant from Holland America to buy a laptop.

2012 - $2,500 matching donation awarded from Douglas-Dornan foundation via the Juneau Community Foundation. Funds for digital projector. This was our first donation specifically for the new  projector. We raised matching funds and received check in 2013.

2012 - $550 raised at garage sale organized by Cristina Della Rosa and Steve Kocsis.

2011 - $300 for computer projector from Juneau Lions Club initiated by Joyce Kitka, director of Community Schools.

Grants Applied for but not awarded

  • 2012. Apply to Astronomy Magazine and the Astronomy Foundation Discover the Universe Outreach Program. We don't win but are send free materials and are required to do an astronomy sidewalk event which we do on June 5th.
  • 1993.  Volunteers applied for (but did not get) a grant for multimedia recordings from the National Academy of Sciences.