The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

1992 Shows and Events

Public Shows

About 735 attendees

  • Stars and the Aurora
  • Night and Day Sky
  • April Fool's Day:
  • Tides and the Summer Sky 
  • The Solar System:  Chaos or Clockwork 
  • Planetarium Orientation, Constellations & the Southern Hemisphere 
  • The Moon:  Is It Just a Phase We're Going Through?  
  • General Astronomy show for exchange students and host families 
  • The Solar System:  what's known and what's Still Mysterious 
  • The Seasons and the Christmas Star 
  • General Show 

School Presentations

Community Presentations

  • Solar System - Five shows for second graders (around 100 attendees)
  • Introduction to Planetarium for Gastineau students
  • Meeting with three Marie Drake Teachers 
  • General Astronomy show for Scouts (45)