The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

1992 Shows and Events

Public Shows

About 735 attendees

April Fool's Day

The unknown, but interesting night sky. Good fun science and tunes.

Tides and the Summer Sky

Physics, biology and history of tides.

Stars and the Aurora

Explanation of the Aurora. Mythology, chemistry and physics. Life cycle of the stars. Light. Hertzsprung Russell diagram

The Solar System:  Chaos or Clockwork


Night and Day Sky


The Seasons and the Christmas Star

Climate and observational aspects of the seasons

Religious and scientific explanations of the Christmas Star.

The Solar System

What's knows and what's still mysterious.

The Moon:  Is it just a phase we're going through?


Stars and Galaxies


Planetarium Orientation, Constellations & the Southern Hemisphere

Community Presentations

  • General Astronomy show for Scouts (45)
  • General Astronomy show for  show for exchange students and host families

School Presentations

  • Solar System - Five shows for second graders (around 100 attendees)
  • Introduction to Planetarium for Gastineau students
  • Meeting with three Marie Drake Teachers