The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

1993  Shows and Events

Public Shows

The Aurora:  Science and Myth 

The most popular show of the year.   In the Arctic Circle, they are known as aurora borealis or the northern lights, while in the Antarctic Circle they are called aurora australis or the southern lights.

Aurora australis seen from space.

Illusions and Deep Sky Objects 
Also covering other Mysyeries of the Universe.
(2 shows) 
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Infinity:  Measure the Universe
Learn how far infinity is and how long is forever. 2 shows
Kid's show included our favorite March constellations.

Infinity Symbol

April Fool's Show

Space exploration fun and facts - 3 shows
So many questions.
Jupiter:  A Planet in a Tizzy, or a Solar System All Its Own?
2 shows 

School and Community Groups

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  • Christian School and Faith Lutheran
  • Gastineau 3rd graders
  • Pre-school and kindergarten classes
  • Miller House
  • Mendenhall River second graders
  • Glacier Valley School
  • The Tides: Science, Myth and Biology. Part of school district Sea Week.
  • Cub Scouts 
About 695 attendees.
Topics included:  
The night sky, Solar System, the Sun, Earth and the other planets, measuring the universe, night sky, lunar and solar eclipses, moon phases, big dipper, Orion, nebulas, planetary motion, moon phases, and constellations.