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1994 to 1996 Shows and Events

1994 - 1995

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Mars (2 shows)

2017 photo by Kevin Gill

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Edwin Hubble

He and Einstein were pipe smokers.

Hubble, The Man, the Constant, the Telescope
Hubbble (1889-1953) was an American astronomer who profoundly changed understanding of the universe by confirming the existence of galaxies other than our own, the Milky Way. He also discovered that the degree of "Doppler shift" (specifically "redshift") observed in the light spectra from other galaxies increased in proportion to a particular galaxy's distance from Earth. This relationship became known as Hubble's law, and helped establish that the universe is expanding. 
The Hubble telescope was named in his honor. 

Hubble Space Telescope

Launched in 1990

NASA image

The Planets (two shows)

Mondays, planetarium volunteer training and Juneau Astronomy Club Telescope Viewing/Workshop

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Clip art of Halley's Comet

Comets (2 shows)

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