The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

2009 Shows and Events

Life on Mars
Find out if there is water or even beer on Mars.
The Christmas Star 
Presentation about theories regarding the Christmas star. Was it a conjunction of planets? A supernova? A comet?

Poster by Isabella

1,000 Moons
Jupiter's Moons
April 28
The Four Seasons

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Thee Day the Sun Vanished
Presentation on total solar eclipses.
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 Our Place Among the Planets: Extraterrestrial Geography' presentation led by Dolly & John Kremers.

This will be the first time the museum's 3-dimensional Science on a Sphere exhibit has been used to feature extra-terrestrial geography since its installation this past spring. The Sphere will also play a sampling of the 300 available images and animations about Earth's ecology and geology.  Event held at the Alaska State Museum (5-7 pm).

Yoga Under the Stars

How to Find a Star  

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Bombing the Moon

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