The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

2010 Shows and Events

Poster by Isabella

Picnic on the Moon 
Wallace and Grommet short movie  "A Grand Day Out."
Two dates. Also star show with spitz.
Science on a Sphere at Alaska State Museum
Volunteers from the Marie Drake Planetarium will be presenting special programming using the museum's "Science on a Sphere" exhibit, which can replicate events on the surfaces of the sun and planets 

Similar sphere not at planetarium

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Astronomy & The Internet 
Presentation about astronomy resources on the internet

Family Night at the Movies

Clip Art

The North Star's Procession

Poster by Isabella

Poster by Isabella

The Great Eclipse 

Life Without the Moon 
Fly me to the ...Wait, Where's the Moon.  Find out what things would be like without the Earth's moon?

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School Presentations

December 17
KTOO radio interview. Topic. December Lunar Eclipse

The Great Eclipse (30)
Presentation on the July 22, 2009 total solar eclipse, which was the longest of the 21st century. It lasted a maximum of 6 minutes and 39 seconds off the coast of Southeast Asia.

Three planetarium volunteers witnessed it in China: John Kramers, Steve Kocsis and Cristina Della Rosa.
November 16 (30)

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Yoga Under the Stars 
December 21 (37)
Interested in taking a break from your busy week to renew and rejuvenate this winter solstice? Gentle yoga event to commemorate the turning point from shorter to longer days and collectively sends hope into the world. Led by Cynthia Pring-Ham.
Hermes and Mercury 
Greek Mythology and Astronomy presentation by Ken Fix.

Poster by Isabella

Poster by Isabella B

Celestial Superfly

World premiere of 27 minute film created by Michael Bott. A virtual flight around our solar system, our Galaxy and to the edge of the unknown. Orbit distant moons and planets, experience interstellar travel at the speed of light, and enjoy the beauty of Earth from space. Set to a great soundtrack, experience this virtual space flight to the edge and back. The definition of superfly is "way cool or off the chain".

Short presentation on the December 20th total lunar eclipse which will be visible from Juneau (with clear skies).

School Group Presentations

Community Group Presentation

October 22 and 26
Three third grade class from Gastineau (90)

December 9th
KTOO interview: Topic: Total Solar Eclipses

December 14
Presentation to 2/3 grade class from Harborview (26)

December 17
Presentation to Montessori Borealis students (47)

Daisy Girl Scouts 

China - People at Work and Play