The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

2013 Shows and Events

School Group Presentations

Astronomy for Elementary School Children 

  • The Planetarium was open during Harborview's Science Night. Students and the public invited to visit. Two Stars Tonight presentations and two 'Myths and the Heavens' presentations. 140 people attended.
  • Montesorri School 
  • Astronomy class from UAS (two visits)

  • Auke Bay Pre-School 
  • Glacier valley (2nd graders)
  • Yaakoosgé Daakahídi alternative high school

Community Group Presentations

  • Girl Scouts
  • Rainforest Recovery

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Public Events


Apollo 18

Fantastic Voyage

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Planet of the Apes

    Total Solar Eclipses
    Presentation by Steve Kocsis who has witnessed them first hand, both by land and from sea.
    Total solar eclipses occur when the New Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow, the umbra, on Earth. They occur every 18 months and are much more spectacular than partial solar eclipses.
    Poster by Isabella

    The World at Night 

    Join noted night sky photographer Dennis Mammana for an enlightening presentation featuring imagery of the night sky like none you have ever seen. All was captured by members of TWAN (The World at Night), an elite international team of the most highly-acclaimed night sky photographers on Earth. After this evening, you'll never look at the night sky the same again. 

    $5 for adults. Alaska Regional Science Fair participants were invited to attend at no charge.

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    Night Sky Photography Workshop 
    5 hour workshop by visiting astronomer Dennis Mammana. Fee for workshop goes to instructor. Held at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. 

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    Astronaut Humor

    Lighthearted look at astronauts real and imagined. You will also meet animal astronauts

    T-shirt sold at Kennedy Space Center
    The Big Bang
    Presentation by Steve Kocsis intended for adult audiences.
    Learn that it actually was not big or a bang.

    The Seven Wonders of the Universe

    Join noted night sky photographer Dennis Mammana across the cosmos to witness the most spectacular phenomena in existence... from the wonder of star-birth to collisions of massive galaxies, from the violent explosions of distant stars to the delicate majesty of the northern lights - and all in between.

    $5 for adults (18+). Free if under 18. Alaska Regional Science Fair participants were invited to attend at no charge.

    Space Telescopes
    Ken Fix will explain the history of space telescopes and use select images from Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer to show the wonders of the heavens.
    NASA image
    Stars and Why Our Sun Seems So Ordinary 
    Ken Fix describes the types, birth and life cycle of stars.  
    Poster by Isabella

    Alaska's Moon Rock Return

    Presentation by Steve Hendrickson from the Alaska State Museum.

    Click here for story of moon rocks and Alaska.

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    Winter Solstice Celebration
    John Kremers will tell about the astronomical and historical significance of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and the official start of Winter.
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    Open House at Planetarium

    National astronomy day is held twice a year.

    • Learn how you can get involved with the planetarium
    • Free handouts
    • Bring your astronomy questions
    • Books for adults and children to browse

    Poster by Isabella

    Hermes and Mercury

    Mythology and Astronomy presentation by Ken Fix.

    In Greek mythology Hermes is the son on Zeus.


    Art of the Aurora

    Art representing and inspired by the Northern Lights. 

    Presentation by Cristina Della Rosa

    Anchorage airport. 2017 photo by Cristina

    Zeus and Jupiter
    Ken Fix will present the show connecting the King of the ancient Greek Gods and planetary science of the planet Jupiter and its many moons. Zeus was the god of war.

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