The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

2015 Shows and Events

Public Shows

Extraterrestial Life

Presentation by Steve Kocsis

Drawing by Bobby Ousterhaus

Strange Stuff: white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes

Presentation by Steve Kocsis for adults.

NASA image

The Seven Wonders of the Universe 
by visiting astronomer Dennis Mammana

Journey across the universe to witness the most spectacular phenomena in existence... from the collisions of massive galaxies to the wonder of star-birth to the delicate majesty of a total solar eclipse―and all in between.  

Diamond ring effect during total solar eclipse

The Northern Lights 'The Greatest Light Show on Earth!'

By visiting astronomer Dennis Mammana.
High above the arctic regions of our planet dance the

unearthly colors of the aurora borealis—the northern lights. Learn the origins and lore of these mysterious lights, how to predict their appearance over Juneau, and how to use your camera to capture them like a pro.

Night Sky Photography Workshop

All day fee class by visiting astronomer Dennis Mammana.

Delicate Arch

Art of the Aurora 

Images representing and inspired by the Northern Lights. Presentation by Cristina Della Rosa

Poster from ballet performed in Anchorage

Astronaut Humor

A family friendly show about astronauts, real, animal and imagined by Cristina Della Rosa.

Image from movie  Fly Me to the Moon

Northern Lights

Science of the aurora borealis.

Public domain image

Transneptunian Objects
AKA dwarf planets. These are bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune e.g. Pluto. Presentation by Steve Kocsis intended for adults.

NASA image

Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Fate of the Fate of the Universe 
Learn about the composition of our universe in a presentation by Steve Kocsis. Our universe is 70% dark energy, 25% dark matter and 5% normal matter. Presentation is intended for adults.

NASA image from

Rosetta Mission

Presentation by Rosemary Walling, UAS instructor in astronomy.

NASA/JPL image
Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter

Black Holes Have No Hair

Presentation for adults by Steve Kocsis

Black Hole Humor

Community Groups

  • Bartlett Hospital
  • Boy Scouts 

School Groups

169 students participated.
  • UAS General Astronomy Class
  • Harborview (two preschool classes, one class 3rd graders).