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2016 Shows and Events

Excellent book
Celestial Myths Busted
The universe is massive and mysterious, and astronomers are still trying to grasp its true nature, so it’s no wonder that many sky watchers tend to believe things that just aren’t true. Visiting astronomer Dennis Mammana will discuss several of the most common misunderstandings, and do some celestial myth-busting. 

The Mathematical Universe

Black Holes and Dark Matter

Astronomy uses Mathematics to describe and predict the past, present and future states of the Universe. Dark Energy and Dark matter are 95% of everything but are not the matter and energy we are familiar with 5% of the Universe. This talk will discuss what Mathematics tells us about the Dark Universe. Presentation by Steve Kocsis intended for adults.

Black Hole

Santa on Space Station - NASA image

Christmas in Space

Learn how aliens celebrate Christmas and how Christmas is celebrated on the moon. Meet astronaut Santa and astronaut reindeer. Find out how Santa gets into space with and without his reindeer. Find out how Santa delivers presents in space and lands on the moon. View real and imaginary astronauts enjoying Christmas.

Presenter:  Cristina Della Rosa
Super Supermoon

The last three months of 2016 have full moons at the nearest to our planet as it orbits Earth. This will
cause larger and brighter full moons. The November full moon will be the closest, 14% larger and 30% brighter. It will not
be until 2034 that a closer supermoon will appear. The talk will explain the supermoon and why the moon is essential for
life on earth. 


Night Sky Photography Workshop
Fee all day class by visiting astrononmer Dennis Mammana.
Learn to create glorious portraits of the Alasks nigh sky - the moon, stars, the Milky Way, star trails, eclipses .. yes, even the aurora - with only a camera and tripod.

Photo by Dennis Mammana
100 Years of General Relativity
Steve Kocsis, who teaches astronomy at the University of Alaska, Southeast, will present ‘100 years of Einstein’s General Theory’ at the Marie Drake Planetarium on Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 6:30 p.m. The Big Bang, ultimate fate of the universe, large scale structure of the universe, expansion of space, red shift, gravity, black holes, lensing, and dark energy emerge from Einstein’s field equations published in 1915. The universe is mathematical. The equations are abstract. However, Einstein based his work on visual ideas that give insight into ‘The mind of God’.


NASA image

Colors of the Cosmos

Presentation by visiting astronomer Dennis Mammana

$5 for adults. 

Earth Day Humor

Earth Day is April 22nd this year but you can celebrate early. Enjoy with a lighthearted look at this annual worldwide event held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now celebrated in more than 192 countries each year. Learn the history of Earth Day and how humor is used to encourage environmentally friendly behavior every day of the year.

Two shows: one at planetarium, one at valley library

Presenter:  Cristna Della Rosa

Image circa 2015

School Group Presentations

  • Harborview elementary school
  • Montessori Elementary Schools
  • Fifth graders 
  • Homeschool  

Community Group Presentation

  • Girl scouts
  • Private group neighborhood children