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Earth and Earth Day 2021

I believe Earth and Earth Day should be celebrated every day.

Earth Day was celebrated virtually in 2021. We had an Earth Day video contest. See winners here.

Earth Day celebrated its 51th anniversary on April 22.

Sadly this world wide event had to be done mostly online. 

Here is a link to wonderful  NASA Earth Day posters 

The planetarium look forward to celebrating Earth Day live next year.  

Sierra Club t-shirt from 2020

Here are free ways you can celebrate and learn about Earth and Earth Day.

NASA Resources 

Earth Day 2021

Global Climate Change - Vital Signs of the Planet

Earth  as Art NASA ebook

Earth Day Image Gallery - Celebrating Earth's Beauty 


Earth Science Lessons 

Apollo Earth Day Posters

July 2019 was the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon.

Eyes on the Earth - using an app

11 Videos, collected for the ISS 20th anniversary - a series to celebrate the Earth.

Earth - Our Home Planet overview

50 Years of Earth Day Video

Other Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers

This website offers lots of free and inexpensive learning tools for all subjects.
Earth in Space Doodle Notes 

Earth Day at Home for young learners

National Education Association 
Climate Change Education:  Essential Information for Educators (2020)

Earth Day Network

Facebook page

Unearthed Comics on Facebook