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Newspaper Articles - 2015

April 5, 2015

Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium thank American Seafoods

The Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium want to thank American Seafoods for the generous grant made to our organization. Our volunteer group promotes free astronomical education using Marie Drake's 30-foot dome, the 48 year old Spitz projector and digital media. The Spitz still works but, like a used car, will slowly run down. We are planning for it’s demise by researching and purchasing a new system. The replacement will be digital, which gives versatility such as not being restricted to Earth-centered views.

However, the analog Spitz does give superior star images. The end result will be a system that will be able to access the vast library of digital astronomical files to display the grandeur of the universe.

Information on our upcoming and past shows can be found at,

Steve Kocsis

Secretary, Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium