The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

Past Planetarium Shows and Events by Year

  • The planetarium offers a wide variety of presentations and events relating to astronomy and space exploration..
  • Most activities take place at the planetarium, but we also do events in other locations.
  • Admission is charged for fundraising events and when planetarium needs to pay stipend to presenter or pay for programming.
  • Most events are all ages. Some are intended for children and some for adults.
  • Events and presentations made possible by volunteers who are keen to share interest in astronomy and space exploration. 
  • Most programming is for a general all ages audience. Some programs are designed for children while some are for an adult audience.

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Diverse Programming

  • Live digital starball shows showing Juneau's night sky on a clear night. Different every time
  • General astronomy topics e.g. history, planets
  • Cosmology topics e.g. The Big Bang
  • Astronomy Humor e.g astronaut antics
  • NASA topics e.g. Cassini, Exoplanets
  • Yoga and Music Under the Stars
  • Science on a Sphere 
  • Astronomy and Mythology
  • Portable Planetarium 
  • Community projects e.g. planet walk and tidal gage
  • Telescope viewing
  • Children's hands on activities 
  • Movies (retro sci-fi, documentary and fiction 
  • Family oriented movies
  • Astronomy poetry contest
  • Participation in community and outreach events e.g. July 4th parade, Earth Day at the Glacier, Community Day on Campus, Gold Rush Days

Planetarium Events Outside Planetarium

We have also ventured outside the planetarium doing activities at places such as:  public library, Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center, Twin Lakes, downtown dock, UAS, Alaska State Museum and Perseverance Theatre.