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Recorded Planetarium Shows for Adults

Recorded events may be online for a limited time or indefinitely. Some were live events that you can now to watch at your convenience.
This is only a partial list of shows. When I add shows, I put them on the top of this list.

European Southern Observatory (ESO) is the most productive observatory in the world. We design, build & operate some of the most advanced telescopes in the world.  YouTube Channel

Virtual guided tour: ESO's Paranal Observatory

Live streamed in March 2021. View or learn more.

Virtual guided tour ESO's La Silla Observatory

Live streamed in April. 2021. View or learn more.

Journey to the Center of the Milky Way

What lies at the heart of our galaxy? For 20 years, ESO’s Very Large Telescope and the Keck telescopes have observed the center of the Galaxy, looking at the motion of more than a hundred stars and identifying the position of an otherwise invisible object — the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy.
Short 7 minute full dome show. 2014  View or learn more.
Ten Fascinating Paradoxes about the Universe
View or learn more. 7.5 minutes. Presented by European Southern Observatory .

The Sun - Our Living Star

View or learn more. 25 minutes. By ESO (2018)

Tour of the New Solar System

Created by Delta Planetarium. March 2021. 41 minutes. View or learn more.

Explore the Moon

The Moon is amazing to behold through even small telescopes. Learn some  basic facts about Earth's nearest neighbor, and visits some of the incredible sights that you've seen all your life, but maybe never stopped to take a look at.  View or learn more.
7 minutes. Created by Delta Planetarium

Why Go to Mars?

26 minutes. Recorded live event from March, 2021
Created by Delta College Planetarium

How to See the Northern Lights

Live streamed January, 2021. 

Presentation by Delta Planetarium

50th Anniversary of Apollo 13 and 14

Live streamed  Feb. 2021
Specialist Brian Kennedy recounts the adventures of Apollo 13 and Apollo 14 on their journeys to the Moon. 37 minutes. Delta College Planetarium. View or learn more

Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures   -   YouTube Channel

Lectures started in 1999. Due to COVID, they are now virtual. About the Series.  

The Hunt for Dark Matter

October, 2020. 90 minutes. View or learn more.

Presenter: Dr. Tom Shutt, Stanford Linear Accelerator Ctr & Kavli Institute. Astronomers today understand that the universe is full of a mysterious substance they call “dark matter” (because it doesn’t give off any light or other radiation we can detect.) Dr. Shutt discusses the motivation behind the multi-decade, world-wide effort to test the idea that dark matter is in the form of particles as small as a neutrino but as heavy as an atom. 

Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium, Laredo, Texas - YouTube Channel

Planetarium on Demand

Planetarium offers a changing fre selection of virtual shows.

American Museum of Natural History.    YouTube Channel has over 1,000 videos

Channel has over 1,000 videos. Their astronomy videos are often created with OpenSpace software.

Astronomy Online: Grand Tour of the Universe

52 minutes. Fundraiser live streamed in March 2021. American Museum of Natural History  View or learn more.

Astronomy Online: Space Junk

Fundraiser live streamed in Feb. 2021. By American Museum of Natural History.  View or learn more.

Astronomy Online - Milky Way

Live streamed in August 2020. American Museum of Natural History  View of learn more.

Get Closer to Mars

Get closer to Mars! Using pioneering technology, the Museum uses NASA’s current Mars data to showcase never-before-seen details of the red planet. Join Carter Emmart for a new look at the Martian landscape, beyond the reach of rovers   American Museum of Natural History

OpenSpace - YouTube Channel

OpenSpace is open source interactive data visualization software designed to visualize the entire known universe and portray our ongoing efforts to investigate the cosmos.

Making our Way to Mars:  Journey through Space with NASA Astronauts

1 hour.  Livestreamed in Feb. 2021.  Perseverance, NASA's newest and most advanced rover, landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. How did it get there and what might it reveal about our nearest planetary neighbor?  On Open Space YouTube channel . View or learn more.

Mars as Never Seen Before

1 1/4 hours. View or learn more. Live streamed in Feb. 2021. On OpenSpace YouTube Channel.

Lowell Observatory YouTube Channel

View of Learn More

Series include: 

  • Meet an Astronomer
  • Cosmic Coffee Cup
  • Science Challenge for Kids

NASA'S Universe of Learning Science Briefings. Live then recordings available

These are professional learning experiences for the informal science education community, done in partnership with the NASA Museum Alliance and NASA Solar System Ambassadors. These thematic briefings highlight current NASA astrophysics explorations and discoveries from across the suite of NASA astrophysics missions. NASA scientists and engineers provide contemporary science results, and are able to respond to listener questions during the telecon. NASA-developed education and outreach resources, matched to the monthly theme, are included in every briefing. Topics include:

California Academy of Sciences

Night School Mission to Mars (age 21+). Live streamed in April 2021. View or learn more.