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Tide Gauge Project

This project was organized by Michael Orelove.

June 13, 2003, Juneau Empire Article

Local groups invited to help with tide gauge

"What is the elevation of Juneau?" This is a frequently-asked question by Juneau visitors that will be

easily answered with the construction of the Juneau Community Tide Gauge.

The Juneau Community Tide Gauge Project plans to use the natural tidal action of moving the Marine

Park floating dock up and down to point to the tide level which will be identified on the dock pilings.

Local organizations and school classes are being invited to paint each of the foot level numbers on the

tide gauge.

The Juneau Tide Gauge Project consists of three parts. First, the two main pilings at the floating dock

will be painted with numbers and other markings to represent the tide level in feet. Second, a large

arrow will be placed on top of the floating ramp to point to the tide markings on the pilings. And third, a

small sign will be added to the Marine Park dock railing describing the Juneau Tide Gauge Project.

The sign will contain general information about tides and include the current tide tables. The sign will

also identify the local organizations who painted each of the numbers.