The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

The planetarium provides free astronomy education to people of all ages and levels of astronomy knowledge.

We are a non profit and have been run by volunteers for 30 years.  

We educate the the public, school classes and community groups. 

Here is link to our latest newsletter.with lots of Earth Day Resources.

The Marie Drake planetarium is currently closed due to Covid-19. We hope to give presentations to school groups when the new school years starts in mid August.  Public presentations will start after this - date to be determined.

We will send out an email and post here and on Facebook when we are able to safely reopen.  


NASA Earth Day Poster 

You are Invited to Create a Video 
on how people in Juneau are Healing Planet Earth

Deadline May 31st


Source:  Laboratory News

Tickets now on Sale

Lots of activities at this JAHC event. Click here to learn more.

What is Intergalactic Space?

In astronomy, the space between galaxies is called intergalactic space. These are vast  empty spaces - so not much to find here.

"A galaxy is a gravitationally bound entity, typically consisting of dark matter, gas, dust and stars. Galaxies populate the Universe, mainly residing in clusters and groups. There are thought to be over 100 billion galaxies in the observable Universe". Source:  Cosmos - an encyclopedia of astronomy. It is written by research astronomers for a general audience.

Learn more at Thought website and Universe Today

Intergalactic space is also defined as "relating to, or occurring in outer space". This is an very broad definition.  Outer space is the expanse that exists beyond Earth and between celestial bodies.

Intergalactic is an adjective:  Intergalactic can be used to describe something that is simply amazing and no other words can be used to describe it. (Source:  Urban

"Intergalactic travel is the hypothetical crewed or uncrewed travel between galaxies).  It is used in science fiction. Source:  Wikipedia

The space between galaxies is Intragalactic space.

Check out Flickr's So Intergalactic! group. Guidelines:  All media types are welcome! Must appear intergalactic/galactic but doesn't have to be. 

We started using our new Digitarium Lambda system in mid February and got positive feedback from attendees.  While the planetarium has been closed, board members have been learning how to use our new system at home. We have also been taking classes relating to the new system, astronomy topics, how to give planetarium presentations. 

Board member Rosemary Walling learning to use new system

Saturn shown with our new digital projector.