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About Us

The Marie Drake Planetarium is run by volunteers with knowledge of and enthusiasm about astronomy. This is reflected in the planetarium's diverse offerings. 

The new Digitalis system allows us to model the sky even when the weather is miserable!

The purpose of the planetarium is to provide astronomy education in Juneau to people of all ages and levels of astronomy knowledge.

Location of Planetarium

The planetarium is in the Marie Drake Building between Harborview Elementary and the Juneau Douglas High School. To the right of the building is a fenced playing field.  You will see the planetarium sign on the roof.


How do I contact the planetarium?

The best way is to contact us via email.                   

If you need to talk with someone, call Steve at (907) 500-2941 


Do you charge for planetarium shows and events?

No. Our events and programming are free.  We are funded by grants and donations. There is here is a donation jar at each show.


Who owns the planetarium?

The planetarium room as well as the original Spitz projector is owned by the Juneau School District. The new planetarium digital projector (and other equipment and supplies) were paid for and are owned by the Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium.

Are you a non-profit?

Yes - The Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium 501(3)(c) established in 2011. Donations are tax deductible


Do you have member?

We are not a membership organization. However, your feedback is always welcome.


Who manages the planetarium?

The planetarium has been managed by volunteers since 1990.  In 2011 we became a non-profit and pir bpard tales care pf the dau tp dau rimmg of the planetarium. The board works with volunteers and makes decisions about policies and programming. 

Re;atopmsjo[ ween the planetarium and the Juneau School District?

The board determined the planetarium programming. The board raised funds for our new digital projector and pays for the hardward and software needed to use it.  and paid for the purchase and up is done by the Friends of the Planetarium.

We work with the Juneau School District. We provide free classes for students relating to the science curriculum. We also provide some funding for busing for field trips to the planetarium.

JSD owns the physical property and maintains the planetarium space by paying for things such as insurance, electricity, internet, cleaning etc. The school district also uses the planetarium as a space for classroom activities.

When is the planetarium open?

It is only open when we do shows. Shows most often happen on Friday evenings but special arrangements can be made for alternative days.


How do I arrange a planetarium show for a non-profit group?
Contact us to discuss what you are looking for. We will try to find a time that works for you and our volunteers. Let us know your group, age, number of attendees and topic if applicable. We cannot accommodate every request. 


How do I arrange a planetarium show for a school class.

Contact Rosemary Walling to request a school class visit. In October, she will  schedule dates, time and topics classroom visits. Teachers will be informed by email. You may contact her if you would like a school field trip outside this schedule.   She also alloacted the funds we have for busing.  If teachers need a class visit at the schedule. ontact Rosemary.

 We have are some funds to pay for busing to planetarium.

For visits by non profit groups contact We cannot fulfill every request. There is no fee, but a donations are appreciated. Please let us know the name of your non profit, number of attendees and what you would like to learn about.

Events outside the planetarium

We do outreach activities, occasional telescope viewing and use a portable planetarium 


1415 Glacier Avenue  between Harborview and JSDS. 

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