The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium (FOMDP)

  • FOMDP a 501(c)(3) was formed in 2014 to support astronomy education in Juneau.  
  • Our mission is to promote astronomy education in Juneau including promoting, using and upgrading the Marie Drake Planetarium.
  • When the non-profit formed, the general running of the planetarium remained as before: Presentations and events continued to be free and are the planetarium continues to be run by volunteers.
  • A person must volunteer for at least a year before being becoming a board member.

Photo compiled by Rosemary Walling

Current Board Members

Cristina Della Rosa, President (500-2942)

Clark Branch, Vice-President and Treasurer (723-8044)
Steve Kocsis, Secretary (500-2941)

Rosemary Walling, General Member (723-0692)

Dave Hanson, General Member (465-9272)

You may contact any board member with questions, ideas for shows, constructive suggestions for improvement, etc.


Email is our preferred method of communication, but you can also call us. 

[email protected]

Our Current Board

They also volunteer at the planetarium

Cristina Della Rosa

Chief Executive Officer
Cristina is a retired administrative assistant. She is interested in general astronomy and astronomy humor. She runs website and Facebook page. She writes newsletter and various other tasks. Her presentations include astronomy humor, Earth Day and Art of the Aurora.

Rosemary Walling

General Member
Rosemary teaches astronomy at UAS. She enjoys sharing astronomy with adults and kids. She organized Digital Planetarium Week . She works on grants and liaison with Juneau School District, among other tasks. Her presentations include Henrietta Leavitt. 

Steve Kocsis

Steve has taught astronomy at UAS. He is a retired mathematician and is interested in cosmology. He enjoys sharing astronomy with general and adult audiences. His presentations include The Big Bang, Einstein, Black Holes and Stephen Hawking.
He has been to eight solar eclipses.

Dave Hanson

General Member

Clark Branch

Treasurer and Vice President


Enjoying walk on Mars

Past Board Members

We appreciate the work of these people

Michael Orelove

Unofficial Planetarium Director
Michael spearheaded the planetarium for many years before it was a non-profit. He continues his involvement in many community activities in Oregon. He organized the Planet Walk. community sundial, numerous July 4tth parades and the tidal gage He gave many shows and particularly enjoyed sharing astronomy with children..

John Kremers

Past board member
John worked for the State of Alaska. He enjoyed sharing astronomy with all audiences. 

Ken Fix

Past board member
Ken worked for FAA and enjoyed sharing his love of astronomy and mythology.