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Planet and Bird Walk at Twin Lakes

The Marie Drake Planetarium, in partnership with the Juneau Audubon Society, is bringing back the Planet Walk which graced the path along Twin Lakes for many years.  The new project will be finished in 2024.  It will include signs for the Sun and the eight planets in our solar system, partnered with a corresponding bird which can be found at Twin Lakes. The walk will provide a free, fun, and educational experience for adults and children. 

Twin Lakes _edited.jpg

 What is a Planet Walk?

A planet walk scale model of the solar system is designed to fit within a designated distance.


It shows the relative distance between the planets.

Our planet walk will be unique in being combined with a bird walk.

Where is Twin Lakes?

Funding Sources

The Juneau Community Foundation's Blackwell Fund 

Juneau Audubon Society

Douglas-Dornan Foundation

Marie Drake Planetarium

Design assistance from CBJ Parks and Recreation

Individual donors - like you!

Earth New Design.jpg

Marking where signs will be.

Earth New Design.jpg

Draft Sign


Measuring distance between planets. 

Flock to the Walk: Juneau Is Getting a Planet and Bird Walk in 2024

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