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100 Year of Eternity Fulldome Movie

Hardly anything has shaped the history of civilization as much as man's confrontation with the heavens. Megalithic stone circles bear witness to this, as do the astronomical origins of science in ancient Greece or the technical principles of modern high seas navigation. Even prehistoric sites tell of the important role the heavens have always played for people, whether in their practical everyday lives or as a repository for mythological imaginings spanning the generations.The planetarium is the latest representation in a long series of sites and inventions reaching far back into human history that served our preoccupation with the starry heavens and the cosmos surrounding us.On the occasion of the centennial of the invention of the projection planetarium, we embark on a journey which begins with the early cultures of mankind and leads along anever-changing view of the heavens to the modern star theater.This new 35-minute fulldome movie was made for middle school students and older, but all ages are welcome

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